How much power do we have? How does school relate to this?

I think we all know that we have some kind of power. One individual has maybe more power in a certain subject than someone else, but there is always something that can give you power. We should also know that we are not the only ones with power, other people can have power too and choose for you and somehow take away your own power. I agree with Seth’s blog: , that you will not always be happy about other people making the decisions for you and which has an affect on how you feel or what you do and your future as well. For example: the game, where someone chooses different people to be on their team, it feels like your ‘faith’ is in someone else’s hands, and all the power goes to the person choosing the teams. You might have some idea of what is going to happen, but you cannot trust them fully. This relates to the idea in the book ‘A view from the Bridge’ where Catherine feels like that Eddie is trying to ale away her power and choose for her about the guy she wants to marry. Even though, she still has the final decision.


The Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh Analysis


This oil painting is called “The Starry night”, and was painted by Vincent van Gogh. The artwork was finished in June 1889 in Saint Rémy. I chose to look at this artist and painting because I painted this artwork in 7th grade for my art project. I now have the knowledge about Vincent van Gogh, and what he wanted to represent in his painting. Since I have already interpreted and painted this piece, I know the process and relevance of the painting.

When I first saw the artwork in 7th grade I immediately wanted to paint it. It seemed exciting to me, but at the same time, it seemed hard to paint because it included a lot of details. There are a lot of detailed houses, and the brush strokes had to be thin and long and pointing a certain way to make the swirling wind seem real. That was what I used to think, but now having already painted it, the painting seems like just a normal landscape anywhere in the world. The first word that comes into my mind when I see this artwork is “movement”, because it creates the effect that the wind is actually moving. It seems like a normal piece of artwork in someone’s view. Now I look more at what the painting could be in real life, instead of only thinking about how easy or difficult it is to paint. Firstly I noticed the swirling wind because the sky uses so many different colors to create the effect. This draws more attention than the village underneath which is dull in color and for me is only there to set the setting.

The painting makes me feel different emotions but mostly a happy feeling that provides pleasure because the movement in the painting is a main idea. There is not much static. The sky is the most active part of the artwork, it swirls during the night time. It is not just the sky but also the tree that is constantly moving with the wind, it is also noticeable that the tree takes up a big part of the painting. Clearly Vincent van Gogh wanted movement to be part of his painting, not just making it a static landscape, like many in the world.

The landscape painting reminds me of the late nights at home when the sun sets, with wind swirling in the sky. The sky was just like in the painting, mostly dark blue with yellow, and orange, and the bright shining stars and moon also in the picture. When I saw this, I would picture in my mind the big tree in front of me taking up a large amount of space, and then the houses around me could well enough be representing the village.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman – Book Review


It is original and exciting, a novel about relationships and making decisions that might not always be the right ones or easy to make. It is about love, love that she has for her boyfriend, her family and the world she lives in. It can all be taken away in one second.

Mia has everything she wants, and what she needs. Her future looks stunning ahead of her, but all of a sudden this changes. As her life twists around, she is aware that she is stuck between life and death. While her mom, dad, and brother did not make it, they did not survive the car accident. She watches her family come visit her, but there is only one question stuck in her mind. What should she do, never awake and follow where her parents and brother went to, because she cannot imagine a life without them? Or wake up because of the love she has for her future of music, her boyfriend and the other family members and friends?

Whatever she chooses, it will be hard to live with, but unfortunately time is running out and she has to make her decision. More difficult than she could ever imagine. She will be the one who has to live with her choices, the others will get over it, sooner or later, even if it might hit them hard at first.

I think that this book is really effective, it talks about real life events and how it is difficult to make decisions that could impact your future, and that could impact others dramatically as well. It is maybe not just thinking about yourself, but also about what other people would have to live with if you made your decision. Having to experience this is overwhelming.

For me I have not yet have to experience this, I am glad because it is a huge responsibility taking the right decision for yourself but also that will impact the least amount of people. I personally think that someday everyone will have to make decisions like this, not necessary in the same context. I think this might be good, feeling responsible for others, and not just thinking about yourself.

If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. ~ Toni Morrison

I find this Quote by Toni Morrison inspiring. It really makes me wonder about this idea.

EVERYONE always has an idea in their mind about something they want to read. A certain book that they cannot put down if it existed. Well, if it doesn’t excist, nobody is going to stop you from writing the book. Even if it is personal, or want to share it with family and friends, or even sell it and share it with the public.

There is always a reason why you come up with an interesting idea for a book. Instead of ignoring this idea, start to make notes about it and write some pages, who knows where it might lead to.

An interesting and exciting idea to you might not be the same for someone else. Not everyone likes the same kind of books. But this doesn’t matter. If you like something and it doesn’t excist, you should do something with it, and make it for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to write something for you years later. Why not do it now, do it yourself? You get to experience it 1st hand and be proud of your own idea, be proud of taking action yourself instead of being lazy and waiting until someone writes your ‚perfect‘ book for you.

There will be nobody trying to stop you.

Will people want to control their dreams?

I saw an article on BBC on new technology about being able to control your dreams. A new invention was made, looking like a machine and allows people to be aware during their dream like in actual life. This made me wonder about a couple of ideas: How long did it take to research about this machine and create it? Are they going to let anyone use this machine? Can it damage your body or brain? And if so, are people and scientists aware of these problems?

I have never thought about this idea before, never knew or once thought about the idea of being able to control and be aware during your dreams. This idea seems surreal to me, how they can get the technology, research and materials to create this machine. I actually think that a lot of people would be excited about this idea, especially teenagers. Even though I do think that some others will not want to go through this experience because it might be a creepy idea to them and they might not be able to handle it, the idea of being aware during your dreams. Also, some people might be depressed and always dream about something terrible happening to them. They would not want this to happen to them, to be aware during a nightmare.

For me, I would love to try this new technology, but only if i know the consequences if there are any. I would not want to do this if it caused any damage to my body or brain or any other part of me. It would not be worth it experiencing this with only a negative influence left afterwards.

This picture shows what people think about dreams, but it can all by changed by new technology. Usually people think about dreams as being asleep, but with this new technology, your dream can simply also be that your body is half awake and half asleep, which allows you to control your own dreams, and is not a wish your heart makes.

Photo by:Allie Rohletter

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.43.35

When thinking about the topic wondering and what the word means to me, I drew a visual picture about this topic:


To me wonder means to think deeply about something that you are interested in. To express this main idea, I drew bubbles which represents people’s thoughts. In one of the bubbles it has a light bulb, which is supposed to represent the idea that someone can wonder or think about. In the other bubble I drew a question mark, explaining maybe what it is someone might wonder about, are why they are wondering about this. Finally I also drew a person inside the same bubble, she is thinking and wondering about something, this is shown by the question marks around her and her hand on her chin. This is my interpretation of wondering, and what it means expressed in a visual way.

Harkness Table Talk- Power one individual can have

Discussing different ideas about the Statement of inquiry ‘Literature allows us to perceive the power one person can have within a given community’ really made us think about what the purpose of this is. Something interesting to me that was discussed during the Harkness table talk was that if one individual has an idea, it might seem stupid or obvious to them but to someone else it might be exciting and a really interesting idea. So people should gain confidence and share their ideas with others. Everybody has some kind of power to help a broader community, even if it is small or big, everyone can do something when they gain the confidence, because everybody is different, nobody has exactly the same ideas.

Something else that was brought up was that there is always one person that has more power than others in group activities, whether its the coach or someone judging others, or someone giving instructions. This individual might have more power than the others but that does not mean that only certain people get perceive power. You just have to be confident to step up and share your thoughts. This might inspire others and help you gain your own confidence and be more open towards others, instead of just holding your ideas to yourself.

A picture from the Harkness Table Talk:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 21.59.15